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SEGA Rally £4.99 @ HMV [Xbox 360 Games]

Neil Mohr
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SEGA Rally £4.99 @ HMV [Xbox 360 Games]

You have to be careful when mentioning the name SEGA around here, it tends to leave people staring wistfully off into the distance, blissfully reminiscing about the olden days and dabbing at the corner of their eyes whilst complaining about dust in the air. Despite its fall from grace, at least one thing SEGA used to get right was the classic SEGA Rally and this 2007 Xbox 360 game ticked all the boxes. At £4.99 HMV has it for a good £4 less than ShopTo.Net.

SEGA Rally should have a soft spot in most over-30’s, as it's was one of those old-school arcade games that you used to bug your mum and dad for another 50p to play. Despite having graphics that an iPhone can put to shame, it was the arcade thrill that the original instilled, which kept you pumping in the coins. That’s exactly what this revitalised Xbox 360 version brings to your LCD TV.

Lets get this clear, it isn’t a simulation and it’s not suppose to be. Just like the original you're kept on the straight and narrow by crash barriers that bounce you back onto the track. Rather than using one of the more modern rewind-style cash-friendly functions, take that and throw in an over-the-top drifting model and it’s a recipe for driving fun.

One thing that does age are graphics, just like the original arcade this 2007 games doesn’t really stand-up to the visuals the latest driving games such as DiRT 2 or Forza 3 can pump out, but they’re by no means terrible and the environmental effects of mud and snow are applied so thickly it looks like an explosion in a cake factory. When it was originally released this was a solid, enjoyable driving game. Almost three years on it’s still that and at price that you’re not going complain about.

Thanks to Spies at Hotukdeals!

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