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Sega Stand by AVP whilst Microsoft Roll Out New Games On Demand Service - News Roundup 7th December

Marius Goubert
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In today’s news roundup we take a look at the latest game which is causing a stir Down Under. We hear from Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling who insists that Modern Warfare 2’s latest patch will put an end to multiplayer suicide-bombing. And lastly, we take a look at the Microsoft’s plans to roll out a new digital ‘Games on Demand’ download service. 

Rebellion rises against Australia AVP ban 

Sega Stand by AVP whilst Microsoft Roll Out New Games On Demand Service - News Roundup 7th December

Another week and another great game barred from Australia. It was just last Monday that the Aussie board of censorship got themselves all worked up over a virtual drug featured in the online role play game CrimeCraft. Worried that this might lead to epidemic levels of drug taking – because it’s a well known fact that people try and copy everything they see on videogames – CrimeCraft was swiftly banned across the entire country.

This week Sega and Rebellion’s Aliens Vs Predator has become the latest victim of the Australian Classification Board. They announced that the game had to be banned - in its current form at least - due to the fact it featured ‘first-person perspective, close-up depictions of human characters being subjected to various types of violence, including explicit decapitation and dismemberment as well as locational damage such as stabbing through the chest, mouth, throat, or eyes,’.

Although developers at Valve were content to nod through a horribly watered down version of Left for Dead 2, Sega and Rebellion are contemplating pulling AVP out of Australia entirely. They’ve already announced that the game will not go on sale in Germany as the level of censorship required to bring it in line with German classification laws ‘would harm the gameplay experience’. It remains unclear how long the Australian board of censorship will go on banning practically every game before they do the decent thing and actually bring in an 18+ classification. [Eurogamer]

MW2 Javelin Patch Imminent on PS3 and Xbox 360

Sega Stand by AVP whilst Microsoft Roll Out New Games On Demand Service - News Roundup 7th December

According to Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling, steps are currently in motion to put a stop to Modern Warfare 2 suicide bombing. Apparently, many gamers are taking advantage of a glitch which allows the player to explode themselves whilst wielding the Javelin weapon. Apparently the benefit for players playing online multiplayer battles is that, if they’re about to die, they can gain more points for successfully suicide-bombing their opponents.

When referring to the PS3 edition of the MW2, Bowling tweeted that the 1.06 patch (which fixes the glitch) is apparently coming ‘down the pipeline’. For Xbox 360 users it’s a similar situation, whilst for PC gamers, the patch is already in place and available. However for anyone worried about the consequences of exploiting this glitch, fear not, in the words of Bowling: ‘PSN chose to not take any action against glitchers’. [GamerBlips]

GFW Live To Get Games on Demand

Sega Stand by AVP whilst Microsoft Roll Out New Games On Demand Service - News Roundup 7th December

Microsoft has just announced it will be adding a ‘Games on Demand’ download feature to ‘Games for Windows Live’. This means that, as of the 15th December, GFW users will be able to download PC titles directly to their machines using the new service which also allows them to reinstall and play games wherever they are.

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra stated, ‘We didn’t just want to create a cut-and-paste version of existing digital distribution services. We challenged ourselves to deliver an integrated platform that takes full advantage of the unique capabilities offered by the LIVE service. Our goal has always been to create a seamless online gaming experience for the Windows community and Games on Demand is a great step toward that end.’ Some of the titles initially available via the service include: Resident Evil 5, World of Goo, Battlestations: Pacific, and Red Faction: Guerrilla. [Destructoid]

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EndlessWaves  Dec. 8, 2009 at 17:21

GfWL is so much of a joke currently that this is likely to get more bad press than good as a lot of people are going to consider it wasting resources best used elsewhere.

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