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Sequel To Alan Wake Is Not Alan Wake 2

Felix Kemp
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Sequel To Alan Wake Is Not Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake was already decidedly David Lynchian, what with its shady plot and eclectic cast, but now Finnish developers Remedy are getting positively barmy with their teasing of the next adventure. According to their head of franchise development, Oskari Hakkinen, more Alan Wake "is coming", but it won't be Alan Wake 2 or DLC? Suffice to say, we're baffled.

So the next installment in, let's say, the Alan Wake saga isn't a direct sequel nor spin-off DLC? So what, exactly, is it? According to Hakkinen, it's a chance to introduce players who aren't familiar with the series, with a "slice" of the Remedy development staff having been mired in work on the project for the last few months. As for the release date, Hakkinen admitted "Fall 2011 is probably a good guess".

But wait a second? Wasn't Alan Wake 2 outed on a LinkedIn subscriber's resume recently? Hakkinen, surprisingly candid for someone who is essentially a big-shot PR guy, confessed the leak "was a little unexpected", as Remedy weren't prepared to start talking about it yet. However, Hakkinen revealed the team is simply happy to see "that there is interest out there" for Alan Wake 2.

We reviewed Alan Wake back in May of last year. While the atmosphere and pacing was excellent, the story and general gameplay itself was very lacking. [Eurogamer]

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