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Serious Sam: Double D

Serious Sam: Double D Review | Big Fun, No Compromise!

Jonathan Lester
Action Games, Awesome, Devolver Digital, Mommy's Best Games, PC games, Serious Sam Double D
Serious Sam: Double D | PC

Serious Sam: Double D Review | Big Fun, No Compromise!

Platform: PC (Reviewed) | Xbox 360 Version TBA

Developer: Mommy's Best Games

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital's decision to commission some veteran Independent developers to design their own unique take on the Serious Sam franchise was nothing less than a stroke of utter genius. It's fantastic brand publicity and a cynical PR coup, but more importantly, it has allowed the best weapons designer in the games industry to do what he does best. Nathan Fouts designed the guns for Ratchet & Clank and Resistance when he worked for Insomniac (and the gore mechanics from Postal 2 back in the day), and after developing several ridiculous games under his Mommy's Best Games boutique label, he's brought his love of innovative gameplay mechanics and balls-out fun to a series that already delivers an insane level of action.

After we got to play Serious Sam: Double D at E3, we've actually been as excited about it as we are for as Croteam's long-awaited Serious Sam 3. Excitement, as it turns out, that was thoroughly justified. Double D is one of the most ludicrously, graphically, biblically fun games that you'll play this year - fun that can only come from the ability to butcher your way through swathes of flying amputated monkeys, dinosaurs and exploding-chested cyberwomen with a teetering tower of outrageous firearms.

If you're looking for sweeping exposition and a thoughtful portrayal of the human condition then you've come to the wrong franchise. However, if you want your games to be ridiculously epic, Serious Sam: Double D might be the smartest purchase you'll make in 2011.

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