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Shadow Of The Beast Being Re-Imagined For PS4

Jonathan Lester
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Shadow Of The Beast Being Re-Imagined For PS4

Yes, Amiga fans, you read that correctly. Reflection's Shadow Of The Beast is being totally re-imagined for PlayStation 4 - here's hoping that it can keep our good memories intact while giving us all the graphical and gameplay perks we now take for granted.

We've got a trailer below. UPDATE: And some more details.

"We want to create a magical combination of unique combat and gameplay to enthral you as a player, with a mystical world that can engage you as a person. Our vision of Karamoon is filled with beauty, brutality and mystery, whilst allowing you as the player an opportunity to try and piece together what happened to make it and its denizens the way they are," wrote Heavy Spectrum CEO Matt Birch on the PlayStation Blog.

"For us at Heavy Spectrum to be working on this game is a dream come true. We have a unique and innovative gameplay idea, and a chance to build something truly special; a game that captures the essence of a treasured personal experience."

Fingers crossed.

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amigabeast  Aug. 24, 2013 at 09:40

Good old memories from the Amiga era. I loved Beast I for the art, music and big areas you could explore. And the parallax scrolling looked so great :-)

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