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Shadow Complex Sequel Is A Question Of "When", Not "If"

Felix Kemp
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Shadow Complex Sequel Is A Question Of "When", Not "If"

I loved Shadow Complex when it dropped on Xbox LIVE back in 2009. It was like Chair Entertainment threw a big chunk of Zelda in a bowel, stirred in some Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania, before serving up with an Unreal Engine 3 topping. It sold pretty well, and critics liked it enough, so it's surprising a sequel hasn't yet been announced. And though they have their hands full with App Store wonder, Infinity Blade, Chair admit a sequel is a matter of "when", not "if".

Donald Mustard, creative director at Chair, reveals "Shadow Complex is our baby and we love it dearly and, y'know, we're working on some cool stuff (in general)". Mustard then explains, "More Shadow Complex isn't a question of if, it's a question of when". While Chair are obviously busy providing content and updates for Infinity Blade, it appears work on Shadow Complex 2 might already be up and running.

The original Shadow Complex had its script penned by sci-fi legend, Orson Scott-Card, where explorer Jason Flemming - voiced by he-does-everything Nolan North - stumbles on a secret facility in the Pacific Northwest, hiding a secret force aiming to overthrow America. Jason somehow finds himself in the middle of the fight, desperately seeking to escape while retrieving his female partner, Claire, who has been kidnapped.

Shadow Complex was a next-gen throwback to classic 2D dungeon crawlers like Castlevania, where you explore a specific area for gadgets and items that allow you to progress through. It featured pretty decent combat and epic boss-fights with Kojima ripoff mechs, and while the story was pretty naff, the gameplay itself was huge fun. Especially when you found the rocket-boots! [Joystiq]

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Jaffo  May. 23, 2011 at 16:15

Shame they never released this on PC; would have been an ideal Steamworks game.


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