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Shadow Of The Eternals Kickstarter Fails

Jonathan Lester
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Shadow Of The Eternals Kickstarter Fails

Precursor Games have failed in their third attempt to crowd fund Shadow Of The Eternals, their spiritual sequel to Eternal Darkness. Having only attracted $324,000 of their $750,000 goal, the future of the controversial project is now less than secure.

Shadow Of The Eternals was initially met with suspicion and a lukewarm reception, partly due to a staggering first target of 1.5 million Dollars and "noise" surrounding the involvement of Dennis Dyack, whose record has been tarnished by the Epic code-stealing fiasco and numerous insinuations of sketchy business practices. Precursor Games relaunched their Kickstarter campaign with a more modest target, realistic ambitions and a pledge of support from David Hayter, but it was not enough to ignite renewed interest in the project. It's clear that many potential punters were still somewhat underwhelmed by Silicon Knights' past form and concerned about Dyack's continued presence at the studio.

What happens now is anybody's guess. It's possible that Precursor Games will look to pitch the project to a investor or publisher, and could well meet with success due to the fact that a participating publisher won't have to pay for any tech development and there's still clear interest in the project from 6000 backers. Steam Greenlight will also probably be a key priority for Precursor, though the uptake is similarly slow.

Personally, we reckon that Dyack would have been wise to publicly distance himself from the project, regardless of whether some of the allegations surrounding his ethics and business practices are true or not. He could always have rejoined the team in a freelance capacity down the line.

We'll keep you up to date with the latest, and informed about whether Precursor decide to stick together or disband to form indie teams or join other outfits.

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NostromoXP  Aug. 25, 2013 at 17:45

If they had launched this a year earlier I would have backed it but I am currently backing 9 or 10 Kickstarter projects and I haven't had a single return yet.

I'm not saying this project (or any of the ones I have backed) wouldn't deliver but until some of the projects that I have paid for already have shipped I am giving Kickstarter a miss.

Sorry Precursor.

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