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Shadow Of The Eternals "Unlikely" To Release If Kickstarter Fails

Jonathan Lester
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Shadow Of The Eternals "Unlikely" To Release If Kickstarter Fails

Precursor Games have warned that Shadow Of The Eternals (the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness) probably won't come to fruition if their crowd-funding campaign fails to hit its lofty $1.5 million target.

Which, judging by the currently lukewarm reception, is looking increasingly likely.

Ex-Silicon Knights developer Shawn Jackson was frank about their chances in a Reddit AMA, when asked about whether Shadow Of The Eternals could potentially release if the Kickstarter and direct PayPal funding misses its target. "Since we do not have any other source of funding, it is unlikely," he wrote. "We will entertain all options to make this game a reality because we believe in this project. However, we can’t be sure a publisher will share our vision for interacting with the community during development or this would work in the traditional model." [via CVG]

As things stand, they've managed to raise just over $115,000 of the $1.35 million Kickstarter goal (not including the original direct funding options, which seeks an additional $150,000).

Shadow Of The Eternals has met with an incredibly muted response from the gaming community for a number of reasons. Partly, some potential backers are turned off by the episodic structure, but most of the more negative (if not directly combatative) feedback has been directed squarely at Silicon Knights and much-maligned creative director/ex-CEO Dennis Dyack. Silicon Knights' past form has been shaky at best, peaking on the GameCube with Eternal Darkness and Twin Snakes before totally fumbling Too Human and X-Men Destiny.

Dyack has been accused of diverting resources and personnel away from X-Men Destiny to work on a botched Eternal Darkness 2 pitch, which he fervently denies, but Silicon Knights collapsed following a despicable attempt to sue Epic Games despite stealing Unreal Engine code wholesale. Which ended very badly indeed. Personally, we worry that Dyack's very involvement is proving to be too toxic for most gamers to get involved, whether warranted or not. I wonder if he might be better served by publicly cutting himself loose, and perhaps consult on the project on a freelance/contractual basis.

If the Kickstarter campaign is unsuccessful, Precursor Games will likely seek an investor, but may find alternative funding hard to come by. We'll bring you more as we hear it, and let you know what happens in 18 days' time.

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