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From Shadow Tower To StarCraft 2: News Roundup August 6th

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Hudson Soft reveal their new game Shadow Tower in today’s news roundup. In other News GearBox president claims the PC version of Borderlands destroys console versions graphics-wise, StarCraft 2 is officially delayed, and Sony may be setting up a program similar to that of Club Nintendo.

Hudson Soft Reveal Shadow Tower

From Shadow Tower To StarCraft 2: News Roundup August 6th

Hudson Soft have let slip details on their previously unannounced Wii game Shadow Tower. The game revolves around a nameless boy, following his attempt to scale the tower. The original part of the game is that you’ll be playing as the boy’s shadow. As shadows can’t jump gaps or climb walls, the boy will have to climb and jump over the shadows they cast instead, hence the name Shadow Tower.

The nameless boy won’t challenge the tower alone though. A Black Butterfly sidekick sticks around to help out, interacting with the real world to effect its shadow counterpart, messing with light sources being one example. The game so far seems very intriguing, drawing comparisons with Team Ico’s work due to the visual style. Shadow Tower has no set release date whatsoever, so more details as they’re available.  [1UP]

GearBox President Admits PC Borderlands Destroys Console Version

From Shadow Tower To StarCraft 2: News Roundup August 6th

According to Gearbox president Randy Pitchford, the graphics in the PC version of Borderlands “destroy” their console counterparts. “The PC version destroys all the console versions in terms of the image fidelity - assuming you have the hardware for it” said Pitchford.

Regarding the console editions he said, “It's tough. It's very tough, I'll tell ya. On one level I do like sitting on my couch with the surround sound and the wireless controller, on the other level I mean you will not get a better-looking image than in the PC version of the game.” Deciding whether to opt for better graphics or parking your lazy ass on the sofa sounds tough, but it's a decision many of you may have to make when the game sees release on October 20th.  [RockPaperShotgun]

"P.S. Thanks" A Club Nintendo Rival?

From Shadow Tower To StarCraft 2: News Roundup August 6th

A new trademark filed by Sony shows they may be going the way of Nintendo. The trademark is described as an “incentive rewards program geared toward quantifying, identifying and motivating top consumer base with the goal of promotion and sale of video game hardware and software”, basically sounding a lot like the Club Nintendo program.

Club Nintendo offers rewards to players willing enough to take part in surveys regarding Nintendo games they’ve purchased. Registering products is awarded with points, which can then be exchanged for souvenirs, which are most likely Nintendo orientated. Keep your eyes out for more news on P.S. Thanks.  [IGN]

StarCraft 2 Delayed

From Shadow Tower To StarCraft 2: News Roundup August 6th

The long speculated rumours indicating StarCraft 2 may be pushed back until 2010 have now been officially confirmed. Blizzard blamed the Battle.net service as the reason for the delay, claiming it has took longer than expected to prepare. Battle.net will be a key component in this and future installments of StarCraft, and Blizzard want to make sure fans get the best service possible. As fans have already been waiting more than 11 years for a sequel, this comes as very disappointing news. Hopefully the improvements will be worth the wait.  [1UP]

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