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Shadowrun Returning As Browser Game

Jonathan Lester
Browser games, Cliffhanger, Shadowrun

Shadowrun Returning As Browser Game

Jagged Alliance Devs Behind The Project

The incredibly successful Shadowrun franchise/cyberpunk universe has shifted a lot of roleplaying materials and books, but its four videogames never quite managed to capture our imaginations. The most recent one, despite being overshadowed by bigger and gaudier releases, was a brave and flawed little shooter that attempted to offer cross-platform play and plenty of imaginative weapons... so we're glad that the series is back for another run at the title. As a browser-based action/strategy game, no less. Jagged Alliance developers Cliffhanger Productions are behind the project - and we have the new details after the break.

In their latest bulletin, Cliffhanger confirmed that a browser-based Shadowrun title is indeed in production, using the same isometric perspective as Jagged Alliance. It will feature two main gameplay components: the action map, "where you (and your friends) do missions from stealthily infiltrating a secret Renraku research facility to punching the lights out of a major Aztechnology outpost with guns blazing." Apparently hacking, magic and gunfights will all happen simultaneously to avoid tediously long waits for other players.

Between missions, the city overview map will allow you to access your "contacts, skills or resources to gain info on the mission goal, acquire blueprints, bribe guards or prepare the right soft or spell."

It's early days for the fledgling project, so expect plenty of changes over the next few months. We'll keep you posted.

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psobloke  Oct. 13, 2011 at 12:50

Shadowrun SNES was one of my favorite games while growing up, and my experience of a (semi) open world. Was amazing, and have gone back to it many, many times. Fingers crossed for this!

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