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Shadows Of The Damned Delayed

Felix Kemp
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Shadows Of The Damned Delayed

No More Heroes icon, Suda51, and Resident Evil creator, Shinji Mikami's new Kinect and Playstation Move title, Shadows of the Damned, has been delayed for two weeks by publisher EA. The innovative survival-horror game - which Suda51 and co have been showcasing to the press this week - was all set for a June 7th launch, but EA have opted to push it back by a fortnight to June 21st. Although Amazon has it listed for June 24th, here in the UK.

Featuring a lead with a typically ridiculous Suda51 name, Garcia Hotspur is on a quest to reclaim his love, Paula, from the devil. Along the way, he'll encounter demonic monstrosities like George - yes, George - who'll eat their own hearts to manifest rotting steeds. It sounds, frankly, insane; and I couldn't be happier, although the Alan Wake-esque nature of fighting darkness-powered beasts is a little off-putting. [Eurogamer]

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