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A Shadow's Tale | £17.50 | CoolShop | Wii

Felix Kemp
A Shadow's Tale, Adventure Games, Games deals, Wii games

A Shadow's Tale | £17.50 | CoolShop | Wii

Strangely enough, I've never heard of A Shadow's Tale. I'm not a Wii owner, so I don't keep my ear to the ground so much on that front, but this one really slipped by me. Apparently, you control a boy's shadow as he navigates a 2D castle. He's accompanied by a 'sylph', which according to Wiki is a mythological invisible creature, which can change the direction of light so the boy's shadow can presumably reach otherwise unreachable places. I have to admit, I'm pretty intrigued. It sounds like a genuinely original concept, and if the execution is good this could be pretty fun. It's £17.50 at CoolShop, and that's the cheapest price you'll find.

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Jenny  Dec. 28, 2010 at 15:01

You hope that it's his sword, lol. I am hoping it is something else that is big, long, thick and hard as I am ready for it :-)


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