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Shank & DeathSpank Bundle Pre-Order | £16.98 | Steam | PC

Carl Phillips
Action RPG, beat-em-up, DeathSpank, Games deals, PC games, Shank

Shank & DeathSpank Bundle Pre-Order | £16.98 | Steam | PC

Steam is offering a pre-order on two titles that have taken the XBLA and PSN stores by storm and placed them in one tidy little bundle. Shank, a beat-em-up with classic gameplay and wonderful art direction, has fluid combat and local co-op so you can share the brutality with a friend in an enjoyable throwback to the gaming of yesteryear. DeathSpank, the newest creation from industry legend Ron Gilbert, is an enjoyable hack-n-slash adventure filled with Gilbert’s humour and plays like Diablo crossed with Monkey Island, yet not reaching the heights of enjoyment that both names would suggest. Both are available for pre-order as a bundle or, if you only like the looks of one of the titles, you can pre-order them individually for £8.99 each.

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parpparp  Oct. 7, 2010 at 13:40

I expect the price of this will come down significantly in the not too distant future.


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