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From Shigsy Star Fox Love To God of War: News Roundup October 28th

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Today’s news roundup sees Nintendo main man Shigeru Miyamoto reveal his admiration for the Star Fox series, Castlevania’s Koji Igarashi return to the series in a producing role, and Sony announce a God of War 3 demo to be included with District 9s Blu-ray release.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto Reveals Disappointment over Star Fox

From Shigsy Star Fox Love To God of War: News Roundup October 28th

Fox McCloud of Star Fox fame may have being lying low for the past few years (save for his Super Smash Bros. appearance), but this hasn’t stopped Nintendo God Shigeru Miyamoto from declaring his love for the space exploring fox, and his adventures in the Star Fox series.  “I'm a big fan of the Star Fox games,” said Shigsy.  “Every time we make a Star Fox game I'm hoping people will enjoy it as much as I do. Of course the goal every time is to try and make it more and more fun but, at least in Japan, the people that purchase the Star Fox games has decreased over the years.

He hopes people will eventually see the appeal of these games in the future.  The most recent Star Fox title Star Fox Command appeared on the Nintendo DS back in 2006, receiving a rather mediocre reception.  Dylan Cuthbert of Q-games, who has previously worked on both the SNES classic and the Nintendo DS game, claims there are no plans for a new Star Fox game anytime soon.  Although Miyamoto’s comments still keep the hope alive of a Wii appearance for the Fox and pals hopefully in the near future.  [MTVGames]

Koji Igarashi Producing Castlevania the Adventure ReBirth

From Shigsy Star Fox Love To God of War: News Roundup October 28th

Fans of Castlevania have been a little concerned recently about where long-time producer Koji Igarashi currently is, and why he isn’t involved in the upcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow game.  Igarashi has spent the last decade of his life working closely with the Castlevania series, and is responsible for the more Metroid-oriented action style the series adopted.

With Castlevania: Lords of Shadow being handled by a European development studio and overseen by Hideo Kojima and his team, the absence of Igarashi has been a worry for many long-time fans.  Although they may be relieved to know Igarashi is still investing his time and love into Castlevania, with the man appearing as a producer on new WiiWare title Castlevania the Adventure ReBirth.  The role may not be as prominent as in previous games, but it’s good to know he hasn’t abandoned the series altogether.  [1UP]

District 9 Blu-ray To Include God of War 3 Demo

From Shigsy Star Fox Love To God of War: News Roundup October 28th

Sony has recently revealed their intention to merge their success in the movie market with that of their games.  According to Sony the Blu-ray release of District 9 will also come complete with a playable demo of God of War 3.  Customers are also offered an incentive to complete the demo, as upon doing so an exclusive making-of video about the game will be unlocked.

We are thrilled to give consumers not only an incredible high definition presentation of District 9 and the wealth of bonus material about the movie, but also a taste of what is destined to be the biggest video game of 2010," said Lexine Wong, Sony's executive vice president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.  This will likely be the same demo that will also see release with the God of War Collection, having the obvious benefit of being out a lot earlier.  [1UP]

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