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Shinobi | £12.98 | GAME & Amazon | 3DS

Jonathan Lester
3DS Games, Action Games, Griptonite Games, Sega
Shinobi | £12.98 | GAME & Amazon | 3DS

Shinobi's combat is immense and intense, brutal and delicious in equal measure. Unfortunately, its platforming and level design leaves much to be desired, resulting in an experience that's too cheap (in fact, borderline unfair) to recommend to all but the hardcore. Still, if you love killing ninjas and accruing delicious points, the GAME Group and Amazon are locked in their usual battle for the bottom line.

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NornIron Legend  Jan. 5, 2012 at 13:19

Bought this on a whim in the Xmas sales... secretly didn't expect much (told the wife it was a bargain...) but boy did it surprise me! One of my favourite games on it at the moment!! But frick me is it hard!


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