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Shiphand Missions Revealed For WildStar

Carl Phillips
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Shiphand Missions Revealed For WildStar

Additional Mission Type Heading To Nexus

We already know that WildStar, the upcoming MMORPG from Carbine Studios and NCSOFT, will contain player housing, end-game raids that remix every week, PvP Warplots where two sides face off against huge fortresses (as well as standard PvP), and a progression system that called Paths that allows any class to play the way they want to - and all of this is on top of the usual 'level up as you traverse the world.' However, yesterday evening Carbine decided to reveal yet another activity players will be able to take part in throughout the virtual world of Nexus, called Shiphand Missions.

In a post on the official website, Content Designer and a Zone Lead Kristen “Caydiem” DeMeza gave us our first look into the special missions that will be found throughout the game, explaining that no matter where you look in the sci-fi genre, bad things happen on spaceships.

You’ll find shiphands occasionally as you work your way across Nexus. A concerned pilot will be milling about by their away ship, seeking out pioneers to help them with some disaster that’s happened offworld. Take the quest, board their ship, and you’ll be whisked away to somewhere completely different to troubleshoot – which probably means literally shooting the trouble. Shiphands play like extended, sequential quests. You uncover the problems as you move through the ship and fix ‘em up. Shiphands have optional objectives if you want to go above and beyond, too – and that grateful Ekose captain at the end of the road will definitely take note of your efforts.

Shiphand Missions Revealed For WildStar

These scalable missions will adjust to the number of players involved, meaning groups can tackle them as well as a solo player, and their episodic nature will provide standalone stories between 15 and 45 minutes that can effectively send players away from Nexus for a brief spell. One such example given by DeMeza was heading up to an asteroid field to investigate a mining operation gone dark, whilst another could simply be to rescue an overrun vessel in the deep black. In a way, it gives Carbine Studios a license to go beyond the planet they've created without having to do an expansions worth of content for it (or perhaps test out ideas for feedback... hmmm.) Click here to read the full post.

Along with the recent unveiling on how Carbine plan to reinvent Crowd Control in MMOs along with their telegraph combat system, Shiphand missions are yet another reason why we're keeping a close eye on WildStar, which currently has a very vague release target of Spring 2014. If you'd like to learn more about it, you can always check out the last month's reveal of the business plan, or our video interview with studio head Jeremy Gaffney, or just get up to speed on everything we've covered by clicking here.

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