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From PM Praise to "Sh*tty" Natal Lineup- News Roundup 23rd February 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Gordon Brown: UK Games Industry is Best in Europe

From PM Praise to "Sh*tty" Natal Lineup- News Roundup 23rd February 2010

Speaking in a podcast before the Global Investment Conference, PM Gordon Brown praised the UK games industry for putting Britain back on the map.

"We're leading the way in creative industries: by far the biggest producer of computer games in Europe,"

"And we're leading the way in digital communications. In a country with only one per cent of the world's population, more than a third of all internet traffic is routed through UK servers."

Game development was mentioned with life sciences, renewable energy and engineering as an area that Britain is excelling in. UK-based developers such as Lionhead, Rebellion, Traveller's Tales, Rare, Team 17 and many others have been offered their own irreverent and unique takes on the games industry, and it's great to see them getting the recognition they deserve from Number 10. [via Gameindustry.biz]

Videogames Blamed for Rise of the 'Chick Flick'

From PM Praise to "Sh*tty" Natal Lineup- News Roundup 23rd February 2010

Love them or hate them, you have to admit that 'Chick Flicks' are becoming a lot more rampant these days. Typically receiving awful critical reviews, soppy films such as Valentine's Day, Twilight and Dear John have proved more than a match for the biggest-budget, highest-octane spectacles around. After all, Dear John has already forced Avatar off of the US top spot, and Hollywood is gearing up to take advantage of the newfound 'girl power' in cinema.

Hollywood execs are blaming the 'Xbox Effect' for the rise in chick flicks. According to the Sunday Telegraph:

“A lot of young males are spending much more time on the internet, games and UFC.” Peter Guber, chairman of Mandalay Pictures production company and former studio chief at Sony Pictures.

Basically, the 16-24 year old male demographic is too busy pwning noobs and grinding for phat lootz to visit the cinema, meaning that the female demographic has a lot more power these days. Here's a worrying thought, though. If we got off our asses and visited the cinema more often then maybe we could've stopped Twilight from being released!

Valve Warns "Sh*tty" Party Games away from Natal

From PM Praise to "Sh*tty" Natal Lineup- News Roundup 23rd February 2010

Valve have been getting very excited about Natal, Microsoft's upcoming  motion capture peripheral. However, it appears that they're holding out low expectations for it's launch lineup. In an interview with CVG, writer Chet Falisze expresses his disgust with the entire motion-sensitive fad started by the Nintendo Wii:

"Hopefully we've gotten past the point of mini-games. I'm sick of that [makes arm movement]. We have these technologies now that let us interact in different, really exciting ways. It's developers' jobs to do something with it. Impress me.

Don't just make sh*tty games I wouldn't want to play if I had to use a joystick."

You heard the man- keep party games away from Natal or you'll have Valve to answer to!

Falisze was later asked whether Natal would be incorporated into future Valve titles, and replied, "We'll see. You won't have to make the arm movement of sawing off a zombie's head in some tiresome mini-game. I can promise you that."

Keep an eye out for Natal in October 2010- since Jonathan Ross has dropped the ball on that one!

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