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Sid Meiers Civilization Revolution £9.99 @ Grainger Games [PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
Civilization, PS3 games, Real time strategy
Playstation 3

Sid Meiers Civilization Revolution £9.99 @ Grainger Games [PS3 Games]Civilisation is one of those games which, although it starts off as a casual fling, can quickly escalate into a serious obsession. Indeed, as you carefully hone your fledging state, from a sparse village into a full blown superpower (like Mr Miyagi tending one of his bonsai trees), all that meticulous micro-management will have you neglecting personal hygiene, alienating wives and girlfriends, and calling in sick for work because you just couldn’t stop playing it the night before. I know sounds great doesn’t it!

If they do end up stamping warning signs on games for being dangerously addictive (just so you know which are the best), Civilisation would certainly be first in line (apart from maybe WOW). However, buying the console version isn’t quite such a risky investment as the PC edition. The game has been streamlined which - although it might not be to the liking of hardcore strategy gamers - is good news for those looking for something a bit lighter. Currently the best price going for a copy of Sid Miers Civilisation Revolution is from Grainger games at £9.99 – nearly £4 cheaper than the next best price.

As you might expect, the changes Civilization has undergone to make it more compatible with console gamers won't please die hard fans. There are many who feel that the game has been watered down, which, in many ways it has. The whole thing is much shorter – it only takes about 6 hours to play through an entire game -, there are less victory conditions, and not quite as much complexity. These changes might bring a few Civilization nerds close to tears, but overall, most console gamers looking for a quick fix and less of a full on strategy game experience, will be pleased by the compromises.

Thanks to Wizzkid from Hotukdeals.

Sid Meiers Civilization Revolution £9.99 @ Grainger Games [PS3 Games]

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me  Sep. 10, 2009 at 13:35

Got this for christmas and genuinely love it!!!

natasha  Sep. 10, 2009 at 15:24

can become obsessive - I know of households where family life was destroyed by it!


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