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It looks like Sierra Entertainment might be making a return, courtesy of Activision

Matt Gardner
Activision, Gamescom 2014, Sierra Entertainment

Oh Activision, you big teases.

All we have to go on currently is a teaser website and a painfully brief video that recently went live, but it looks like Activision are preparing to announce something with regard to Sierra Entertainment -- the developer and publisher best known for games like Gabriel Knight, King's Quest, Space Quest, Homeworld, and Phantasmagoria.

Sierra was a Vivendi subsidiary from 2000, and actually became part of Activision during the Acti-Vivendi merger back in 2008. Following its heyday as a developer of some of the finest adventure games of the 80s and 90s, however, Sierra published the likes of Half-Life and Counter-strike for Valve, as well as launching the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro franchises.

So what the hell does this tease mean?



Let's not get ahead of ourselves. After all, big businesses reviving brands don't exactly have the best track record (see also: Atari, Interplay, Midway).

We're predicting a King's Quest F2P MOBA for PC and mobile platforms. We won't have long to wait to know more, in any case, as Gamescom is just around the corner.

What Sierra franchises would you like to see make a return?

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IMakeUpMyOwnFacts  Aug. 8, 2014 at 20:40

By far the stand-out franchises from Sierra were the Papyrus racing sims... Nascar, Indy Car Racing, and the spin-off game Grand Prix Legends. I am surprised that this was not noted at all.

But let's not forget that Sierra also published some real crap too, the kind that makes EA look kinda-alright.

I think you are trying to imply that Half-Life was a "franchise", but it was only one game for Sierra not a franchise then.

And now for the facts:

Crash Bandicoot was an in-house Sony title, published by Sony Computer Entertainment (unsure of the division and can't be bothered to google it).

The modern Atari is not "Atari", rather a re-badged Infrogrammes. Infrogrammes were in the late 90's one of the better publishers and they just bought the name for brand recognition. Why? Obviously nobody remembers the company Infrogrammes.

I don't think that Interplay or Midway were revived brands. Midway is dead and Interplay are not the games company it was in the mid-90s. No scratch that, Interplay it is still the same as it was in the mid-90s, they have just been dormant for the last 15 years.

Your Score for the research material: 5/10 - Don't be sad, you are still good enough to be a researcher on the BBC.

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CarlPhillips  Aug. 9, 2014 at 10:01

In fairness, the entire internet loses marks for not mentioning the best game Sierra ever published - Ultimate Soccer Manager.

If that gets announced at Gamescom, complete with bunging and a clickable Chairman's nose, they can have my money.

James180612  Aug. 9, 2014 at 16:12

Perhaps this is linked with the sony teasers? the opening teaser video maybe just a company title sequence but perhaps it is a teaser for a new game? This could be a playstation exclusive published by activision and developed by sierra?


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