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Silence: The Whispered World 2 - Daedalic's Claas Wolter on going multiplatform, Unity, and console Deponia

Matt Gardner
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Last week, Daedalic Entertainment -- the German dev/pub studio behind the Deponia series, The Night of the Rabbit, and Blackguards -- announced that they'd be bringing one of their upcoming games to consoles. Silence, the sequel to Daedalic's 2009 adventure game The Whispered World, has been developed completely from the ground up with an eye towards porting the game to Xbox One and, hopefully, PS4. To get more information on Daedalic's expansion into the console market, I sat down with Daedalic's PR director, Claas Wolter, to ask what this means for the company and adventure games in general.

"Silence has always been a multi-platform project”, said Daedalic’s Studio Manager Steffen Boos in the company's official announcement. "From early on, we planned to release Silence – The Whispered World 2 on consoles as well, but we wanted to make absolutely certain the controls were tuned to each platform before announcing its console status.

"We think the new generation of consoles offer a platform that is ideal for indie development, and with the new gameplay we’re introducing to the adventure genre with The Whispered World 2, adventure games now also can be a good fit to consoles."

Silence: The Whispered World 2 - Daedalic's Claas Wolter on going multiplatform, Unity, and console Deponia

Silence will see players dip once more into the dreamscape that is the Whispered World, but this time there are two playable characters. Noah -- the young boy who's clown alter-ego Sadwick proved to be the main protagonist for the last game, is a strong, tall, grown lad. But though strong and capable, he's a bit of a wuss and easily scared. His young sister Renie, however, has the wide-eyed innocence and curiosity of a plucky six-year-old. Sitting down with Daedalic's PR director, Claas Wolter, I was taken through a few of the early scenes in Silence, noting how certain puzzles will require interplay between both characters -- some will be solvable in two distinctly different fashions, depending on the character you use, others will require co-operation to navigate through.

Silence is looking absolutely stunning, thanks to Daedalic's decision to switch engines. Working in Unity, the team have been able to produce something that's incredibly visually engaging, something that will surely come to the fore even more as players delve deeper into the imaginative landscapes of the Whispered World itself. Unity obviously has its advantages in terms of shifting games between platforms thanks to its accessibility and ubiquity.

These are exciting times for Daedalic, with the company making strides in terms of transmedia partnerships and exploring publishing opportunities in other mediums as well as gaming. But the company is still perhaps not quite as well-known outside of central Europe as it deserves to be, and that's something that it is looking to address with an eye towards multiplatform gaming. Wolter told me that every in-house game will be developed using Unity going forwards, and that Daedalic are already looking to their back catalogue to see what other properties might be ported across. iOS and console version of Deponia are already in the works, although as Wolter explains in the video above, there are still a few kinks to iron out.

Silence: The Whispered World 2 - Daedalic's Claas Wolter on going multiplatform, Unity, and console Deponia

Silence will be release for PC and Mac in early 2015, with an Xbox One version confirmed already. Talks with Sony regarding a PS4 version are apparently already underway, but there's nothing concrete to report on that front as yet.

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