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Silent Hill Homecoming £7.99 @ Game [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Silent Hill Homecoming £7.99 @ Game [XBox 360 Games]

After the disappointment of Silent Hill 4: The Room, I know I wasn't the only person expecting Konami to come out fighting with a return to form and the Silent Hill that we knew and loved. Sadly the derivative Homecoming was not that game.

If, however, you fancy giving it a try for yourself then Game's current price means you're not throwing away too much cash at least. Their price of £7.99 knocks £8 off the next best offer of £15.99 from Blah DVD and affliates.

Homecoming is the tale of Special Forces soldier, Alex Shepherd who lives in the town of Shepherd's Glen (which is in very close proximity to a certain little holiday destination). The Jacob's Ladder-alike opening sees him returning to his homestead to find it in something of a mess and half his family missing while his mother is trapped in a catatonic state.

Shepherd's Glen is brought to freakish life beautifully and the whole game is rarely fun from stunning visually, with light and darkness used to brilliant effect, evoking a fantastic eerie atmosphere. However this is simply not enough to create the same kind of gnawing, psychological fears that the older Silent Hill titles sent itching across the player's brain. Alex's superior battle skills do nothing to help this. It may make the combat a little less frustrating but swapping a normal, frightened person for a super soldier simply renders the game a fairly average third person shooter while simulaneously removing one of the factor's that made Silent Hill feel so special and unique.

It's not a dreadful game and many have found plenty to enjoy here but if you are a fan of the older Silent Hill titles then I strongly suggest approaching Homecoming with caution.
Thanks to Goonertillidie at Hotukdeals!

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Brie  Nov. 5, 2010 at 17:01

I've seen walk-throughs (not much of a gamer) For all of the Silent Hill games [4 doesn't count, I just couldn't sit through that one] and found homecoming to be really entertaining and interesting. One of my favorites in the series, maybe. But a lot of people disagree with me because I have no gaming experience.... and the loading screens are annoying as eff.


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