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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories | £9.99 | HMV | PSP

Jonathan Lester
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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories | £9.99 | HMV | PSP

Shattered Memories is a remake and reimagining of the classic original Silent Hill- and surprisingly manages to succeed at being better than the spinoffs and recent sequels. The deep and emotional story is still intact (with a couple of tweaks to keep veterans on their toes), but a psychological exam now dictates the experience depending on your own choices. It's a unique and exciting dynamic that we'd like to see in future titles- preferably with some more searching questions. It's unfortunately a little on the short side, but Shattered Memories is well worth breaking out the PSP for.

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Travis Touchdown  Dec. 20, 2010 at 10:25

Played all the way through this on the wii expecting to find some conventional gameplay and was somewhat staggered to find that it never happened.

Its good, and very worthwhile experiencing but shouldn't be mistaken for a regular game, more like a aimless wandering simulator with a well told story to discover and some annoying chase sections thrown in to add some challenge.


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