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Silicon Knights Feud With Epic Gets A Court Date

Felix Kemp
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Silicon Knights Feud With Epic Gets A Court Date

I'd almost forgotten about Silicon Knight's longstanding feud with Epic Games regarding the latter's Unreal Engine technology. Too Human's protracted development suffered a two year delay due to Epic's inability to finalize their engine's code - according to SK - which resulted in the Canadian studio throwing all their work out the window and starting from scratch with a new in-house engine. Well, over three years have passed since Silicon Knights filed their lawsuit, and know they've got a date in court with the Gears of War creators.

Silicon Knights alleges Epic prioritized development of Gears of War over finalizing the Unreal Engine tech for third-party suppliers. Too Human suffered an awful public unveiling at E3 06, looking embarrassingly unfinished. Denis Dyack, the outspoken head of SK, revealed "When Epic first went public about our case to the press, they said that our claims were without merit," before explaining "Two separate federal court judges have now disagreed with Epic, and have ruled that the case does have merit".

It's a tricky legal situation, with numerous counter-claims from Epic accusing SK of, among other things, developing a new game for SEGA with the Unreal Engine tech they still have in-house. With the case now in court, Epic faces quite a threatening conclusion. If SK win, Epic will probably be forced to pay a sizable fine. Possibly the cost of Too Human's development - which was rumored to be 50 million US dollars, banked by Microsoft. We'll keep you posted on this as it develops. [Eurogamer]

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Squidgywidgywoo  Mar. 31, 2011 at 16:51

Ah, bring back Eternal Darkness please :)

Matt Gardner  Mar. 31, 2011 at 17:13



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