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SimCity is £14.99 at Funstock Digital, if you dare

Jonathan Lester
EA, PC, PC games, SimCity

SimCity | Funstock Digital | £14.99
Price Comparison | SimCity Review

So, SimCity then. What should have been an amazing interconnected experience launched as a massive overpriced disaster, and took months getting nowhere fast. However, things have improved somewhat - and an offline mode will be added soon. Funstock Digital's £14.99 price is a damn sight better than the ludicrous £60 EA wanted at launch. Thanks to Spinderp @ HUKD!

PayPal users can alternatively consider GamersGate's £15.28 option.

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Tsung  Mar. 4, 2014 at 19:12

Also the expansion is £7.49 on it's own..
And Sim City + Expansion is £19.99

Not bad prices..


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