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SimCity's offline mode goes live today, take the win mayors

Jonathan Lester
EA, Maxis, PC, PC games, SimCity

They said it couldn't be done. They said it was impossible. But, at long last, SimCity is finally going to be playable offline when a major update hits later today. Maxis have taken the servers down at the time of writing to prepare for the update, which has long topped many a mayor's wishlist.

Singleplayer sessions are saved locally, granting you access to all region maps, multiple cities and a fixed-price Global Market. Naturally Citylog, leaderboards, achievements, friends lists, region invites and other multiplayer acoutrements won't be available.

This will be great news for many players, but the issue of restrictive city size limits still hangs over SimCity like the sword of Damocles. Hopefully this will be the next priority for Maxis over the coming months (unless, as my inner cynic suggests, they're planning to just shut the servers off later this year).

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