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Sin & Punishment 2: Successor to the Skies £29.49 @ Coolshop [Wii games]

Jonathan Lester
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Sin & Punishment 2: Successor to the Skies £29.49 @ Coolshop [Wii games]

Sin & Punishment 2 has been receiving rave reviews thanks to its subtle integration of varied game elements into Treasure's frenetic bullet hell comfort zone, and prices have remained fairly high due to its impeccable credentials. Coolshop are currently retailing for £29.49- which will save you £3.50 compared to Gameplay, their nearest competitor. It's still not a huge saving- but hardcore shooter fans should pay close attention now that it's hit the sub-£30 mark (especially if you missed Game's shortlived price reduction earlier this month).

UPDATE: Low stock warning. Move it or lose it!

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Let's kick things off with a little history lesson. Treasure Co. was formed in 1992 by several former Konami employees and proceeded to develop some of the finest Shoot 'em Ups ever. By mixing traditional shmup action with exciting new gameplay mechanics, they cemented their reputation as arcade kings by coding Gunstar Heroes, Bangai-O, Ikaruga amongst many others. One of their most beloved classics was the N64 shooter Sin & Punishment, that dared to challenge the traditional controller grip and essentially deliver a twinstick shooter without a second stick. It quickly became a cult classic... and finally our patience has been rewarded with a true sequel.

Sin & Punishment 2 is one of the best games on the Wii to date, delivering spot-on bullet hell rail shooting with a twist. Beat-em-up mechanics, puzzle solving and platform elements force players to think on their feet, delivering more than an exercise in memory and attack-pattern recognition (though that'll certainly help). The artistic design is spot on with an awesome alternate Earth brought into vivid life, and the graphics push the hardware considering the amount of action on screen.

Treasure are no strangers to enormous, awesome boss battles, and Sin & Punishment 2 delivers some of their most impressive badasses to date. You'll face off against enormous robots atop a floating fortress, a massive submarine and even a tetris-block throwing monstrosity. Don't get me wrong, though- for all of its variety, Sin & Punishment 2 is still a punishing shmup at heart that requires quick reflexes and good memory to master.

Treasure have delivered yet another brutal and beautiful classic- and now you can save yourself a few quid!

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