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New Sine Mora Trailer Shows Off Normal vs. Insane Modes

Matt Gardner
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New Sine Mora Trailer Shows Off Normal vs. Insane Modes

We've had our eye on dieselpunk SHMUP Sine Mora for a little while now, impressed last year by its swift accessibility, large boss battles and Insane difficulty level for genre veterans. Speaking of which, Grasshopper and Digital Reality have just dropped a new trailer for the game, showing off the difference between the Normal and Insane levels, and the sort of the experiences one can expect to find within each. Be assured, from what we tried of it back at Gamescom, the Insane mode is indeed insane and don't be fooled by the tame Normal screens here - yes, it provides a more generous learning curve to newcomers (and we think that's a good thing, if you can have your cake and eat it too), but things get suitably madcap as levels go on.

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