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Singstar Coming To The XMB As Free Client

Jonathan Lester
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Singstar Coming To The XMB As Free Client

Singstar will soon be freely-downloadable on the XMB, acting as a free SingStore client with PlayStation Eye support.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, European PS3 owners will be able to directly install the Singstar client from the XMB, which will automatically add purchased PS2 and PS3 tracks. You'll then be able to access free demos or download full songs from the SingStore. More extroverted types can watch their performances using the PlayStation Eye camera.

Here's a feature list:

  • The client is FREE, no disc required!
  • Sing with PS Eye
  • Compatible with SingStar microphones, official PlayStation Wireless headsets and common USB microphones
  • Short demo songs available for download for new SingStore customers
  • Easy access PS2 and PS3 disc swap from song carousel
  • Use PSP or PS Vita to create playlists with SingStar Remote
  • Instantly share your performances with the SingStar community and your friends on Facebook
  • Acquire new trophies

Sony states that this is happening "soon," so we'll keep an eye on tomorrow's store update.

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