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Singularity £22.10 @ Tesco Entertainment [XBox 360 & PS3 Games]

Lydia Low
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Singularity | Playstation 3 | Xbox 360

Singularity £22.10 @ Tesco Entertainment [XBox 360 & PS3 Games]

You probably don't own Singularity, in fact you'd be forgiven if you'd never even heard of the game considering the pathetic level of exposure it has received. This is a shame as it's a decent title and a hell of a lot of fun and considering how cheaply it is available already, certainly worth picking up.

This is yet another deal that relies on the Tesco Entertainment 15% off promotional code (will it ever expire?!) but even before that is added, Tesco are boasting the best price of £26 for either console version. If you were to buy without the code then you'd stand to save £1 against the next best price (£26.99 from Gameplay), include it and you can save yourself nearly a fiver!

To chop the price down to £22.10 just enter the following voucher code at checkout: FTSL15-1

Singularity's plot sure aint the most original of narratives but it is nonetheless engrossing. On the allegedly deserted Katorga-12 a team of Black Ops soldiers, headed by protagonist Nate Renko, are investigating the discovery of some highly abnormal radiation levels. Or at least that's the plan; things go dreadfully awry when the plane gets hit by an EMP en route and the landing becomes a crash. From this point things take a turn for the decidedly bizarre as Renko discovers that those pesky Russians have discovered a way to time travel & transformed everybody on Katorga into cannibalistic monsters, all thanks to an incredibly radioactive new element that they have discovered.

The fact that the gameplay hooks are even less original than the premise, with elements nabbed from all over the gaming shop, is actually, in many ways, a very positive thing as it adds up to a conglomeration of awesomely fun gameplay pick and mix. Combat is robust, very enjoyable and never gets tedious. It's even fun just to watch, regularly drenching the screen in satisfying globs of gore. There's also a few clever puzzles thrown into the mix to keep you on your toes.  It's certainly far from profound but it doesn't really matter; Singularity is a riot from start to finish.

It's not all good news of course. There's a number of glitches sprinkled throughout proceedings and, visually speaking, Singularity is a bit behind the times and certainly nothing special. Furthermore its lack of originality means, that while fun, little of the game will stay with you after you have finished.

While I would say it is a real shame that the game has been so under-exposed and it is definitely worth giving Singularity a try, you might feel a little put out spending nearly £30 on it, so it's probably worth waiting for the price to drop some more. After all at the rate it is sliding at the moment, it probably won't be long before you can get it for a tenner!

Thanks to Sharky Rocks at Hotukdeals!

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