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Singularity £22.99 @ Cool Shop UK [PC Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Singularity | Xbox 360

Singularity £22.99 @ Cool Shop UK [PC Games]

'Singularity, eh? Isn't that some sort of sci-fi thing that the crew of the Enterprise come across every now and again when the Borg have broken down and the Klingons are sleeping off a hang-over?' Seeing as Singularity didn't receive much publicity, you'd be forgiven if this was the answer you gave to somebody if they asked you what Singularity was.

For all you PC owners out there who saw Lydia's post a couple of days ago and were a little bit disappointed that the version of the game for your desktops hadn't dropped down in price, I'm happy to report that Cool Shop UK are parting with copies for £22.99. This'll save you almost £2 on the next best price of £24.85 coming in from ShopTo, but you'll need to hurry because they're down to their last few copies.

You step into Nate Renko's shoes as he heads off to Katorga-12, a supposedly abandoned island, on another black ops mission. Unfortunately, he ends up crash landing on the strange and mysterious land mass, which is home to a Russian testing facility left over from the cold war, and as he begins exploring he soon discovers that he's phasing between the present day and 1955.

In the early stages of the game the majority of your time'll be spent dealing with the mutated test subjects, who immediately take a homicidal disliking to you. However once you discover the time manipulation device you'll gain access to a whole range of powers to deal with your enemies, including the ability to rapidly age them until they turn to ash.

Ok, I know you're probably thinking, 'hmmm crash landing in a creepy environment, where you can wield weapons and powers, and part of the game's set in the 50s, . . . wait a minute this sounds an awful lot like Bioshock with a couple of changes to me'. Yes there are a few similarities, and yes it hasn't been advertised as well as some of the other titles on the market at the moment, but don't write it off because it you do you'll be missing out on a great game.

Still not convinced? Then why not check out Matt's review here.

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