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Skullgirls Developers Form New Studio After Being Quietly Fired

Jonathan Lester
Fighting Games, Lab Zero Games, Reverge Labs, Skullgirls

Skullgirls Developers Form New Studio After Being Quietly Fired

The team behind phenomenal competition fighting game Skullgirls have formed a new studio - Lab Zero Games - after it emerges that they were all fired from Reverge Labs months ago.

A grim yet forward-thinking statement on the new Lab Zero Games website says it all:

As many of our fans know, Skullgirls had more than its fair share of difficulties getting to market, but thus far none have been quite this dire: last June, the entire Skullgirls team was laid off from Reverge Labs

To try to prevent such calamities from befalling us, our games, or our fans again, the Skullgirls team decided to form its own studio.

Autumn Games, the publisher and owner of the Skullgirls property, is fully behind the new studio and will continue to work with us in the future on all Skullgirls-related endeavors, such as the just-released patch, more merchandise and a few other things we can’t quite announce yet.

Skullgirls certainly had a tough time going from pitch to product, hampered by the creator's desire for absolute perfection and its incredibly niche appeal. Amazingly, however, they pulled it off: resulting in one of the most balanced and brilliant fighting games in recent years. The fact that the team was then summarily made redundant - most of whom have now been unemployed for some time - is bizarre.

Major new PC patches and DLC were promised over the last few months, and their absence now makes a lot more sense.

We are sad to report that these unfortunate circumstances have delayed the resumption of work on the PC version, and indefinitely delayed the first DLC character. Don’t take this as a sign that we’ve given up - we haven’t, and are doing everything in our power and then some to resume work on these as soon as possible. When we have more news, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Either way, Lab Zero Games are now in business and looking to support Skullgirls going forward. We'll naturally keep an eye on their progress.

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