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New Skullgirls Trailer Reveals Painwheel

Jonathan Lester
Be-Rad Entertainment, Fighting Games, Konami, trailer

New Skullgirls Trailer Reveals Painwheel

Skullgirls is nearing its amorphous "early 2012" release date, and we're practically wetting ourselves with excitement. See, from what we've played, it looks like Be-Rad Entertainment are crafting what could very well be the best competition fighting game ever made; more balanced, more beautiful and, well, cheaper than even legendary titles like Marvel vs Capcom 2. Painwheel, a new (characteristically bonkers) character, has now been revealed thanks to a gameplay trailer and biography. Carol was once a normal girl before Lab Zero turned her into a monster, and she'll use her rotating blades to devastating effect in combat.

We've got the trailer and a full Painwheel biography after the break.

Character Biography:

Once a normal schoolgirl named Carol, Painwheel was kidnapped by Valentine and delivered to the Anti-Skullgirls Labs' secretive Lab Zero. There she was implanted with the synthetic Buer Drive and Gae Bolga parasites and infused with experimental Skullgirl blood, transforming her into the monster she is today. Violent and unstable as a result of these experiments, as a precaution she's mentally controlled by Lab Zero's powerful psychic director, Brain Drain.

Fueled by rage, she draws her power from her pain and fury. Despite that, the soul of that scared young girl still lives on inside this monstrous body, desperately fighting off the onslaught of voices that would control her.

Age: 15

Birthday: October 23

Bloodtype: SG

Height: 5'1

Weight: 375 lbs

Measurements: 21B-18-23


Flowers, Gardening, Walking on the beach at sunset, Family, Sound of wind chimes, Dogs, Nostalgic memories, Friends, Magenta, Proper etiquette


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