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Skyrim Details Spilled, Features 60,000 Lines of Dialogue

Josh Clark
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Skyrim Details Spilled, Features 60,000 Lines of Dialogue

As if we weren't excited enough about Skyrim's November release, Bethesda have revealed a few more tantalising tidbits of information, including the fact that the game will feature over 60,000 lines of spoken dialogue; a staggering accomplishment even by today's standards.  Gone are the 300 Imperial City dwellers that all sound exactly the same.  Hurrah!

We know already that dragons will play a major role during your adventures in Skyrim, but that role will usually involve bringing painful, fiery death upon your bewildered protagonist.  Bethesda however, say that wounded dragons will also make the occasional appearance, levelling the playing field and allowing you to engage the scaly beasts on the ground: essential if you want to earn yourself one of Skyrim's new 'Dragon Shout' abilities.  These allow you to manipulate the language of the dragons, granting you badass elemental attacks and the like.

Skyrim Details Spilled, Features 60,000 Lines of Dialogue

Better wound that thing before it languages all over you...

The developer has also outlined their new 'crime' system, which sees guards reacting only to thieveries and random acts of violence committed within the area they inhabit.  No longer will you be chased to the edge of the earth for accidentally stealing that nice old lady's vase in Windhelm.  Should you succumb to the temptations of the vase in every other area of the game though, you probably deserve the beating anyway.  On a similar note, each of the guilds seen in Oblivion such as the 'Thieves Guild' make a welcome return, much to the relief of those who enjoy a good side-quest when there are more important things to be attending to.  That said, Bethesda have promised that the guilds will have an effect on the overarching plot of Skyrim, but neglected to comment further.

Horses will also be carried over from Oblivion.  There was some concern on Bethesda's part as to whether riding would be a practical addition to the title, but it seems as though they have opted to include the feature, along with carriages that allow you to fast-travel to any of the major cities from the beginning of the game.

E3 will no doubt hold a few more Skyrim goodies for us, so it's just a case of waiting patiently for Tuesday.  November does seem so very far away though...


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KitKatFox  Jun. 5, 2011 at 00:16

Hoping that the Dark Brotherhood returns too, with an even better plot!

Josh Clark  Jun. 5, 2011 at 12:30

Yep, the Dark Brotherhood were announced a little while ago so expect to see them make an appearance in Skyrim. With all the guilds somehow tying into the main plot too, I think your wish for a better plot will also be granted!


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