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Skyrim WILL Feature Vampires

Felix Kemp
Bethesda Softworks, Role playing games, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim WILL Feature Vampires

Drink Blood, Avoid The Sun

I both loved and hated the vampirism disease in Elder Scrolls Oblivion. While it was always good fun drinking blood and enjoying the superhuman benefits of a create of the night, I'd often find myself trapped in a room, whittling away the hours to reach nightfall. Or being continually set on fire by elves, the crafty bastards. It's a much-loved feature, however, and Bethesda's silence over it regarding Skyrim had prompted many fans to question whether it would even be included in the game. Well, it just so happens that game director Todd Howard has recently confirmed that you can contract the Porphyric Hemophilia in Skyrim after all.

Bethesda wasn't willing to give away much else, so I suppose all we're left with is twiddling our thumbs, recounting old vampire stories from Oblivion. So... this one time, when I was, like, a vampire, I walked into this guy's house, right, and he was asleep, so I decided to drink his blood, you know, because it's good for you and all. But then he woke up, and he had a big sword, and he, like, hit me with it. And I died. Yeah... It wasn't fun. [G4]

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