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Skyrim Manual Outs New Details

Felix Kemp
Bethesda, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim Manual Outs New Details

Cooking, Brawling, Prison

What with Skyrim's entire Achievements list outed last week, revealing all manner of Elder Scroll secrets, Bethesda has suffered yet another high-profile leak, with scans of the game's manual somehow finding their way online for us rabid journalists to pore over and dissect. So, what does the manual reveal? Cooking, you say? Brawling? Prison!

First up, cooking. Yes, budding Jamie Olivers can rustle up tasty treats and the like by rooting around in Skyrim's flora for appropriate ingredients. "Cooking pots allow you to prepare food items that provide various temporary effects. Each recipe requires specific culinary ingredients that can be found throughout Skyrim," the manual reveals.

Next, brawling. Should you find no success via the persuasion, intimidation or bribing options in dialogue, you can opt to duke it out instead. As the ever-helpful manual explains, "Engage in a fistfight with the character, win and get the information you need. While neither of you can die in a fistfight, if you use a weapon, the fight will turn into live combat with any associated crime".

The prison system from past Elder Scrolls games returns, although as already noted by Bethesda, you'll no longer be spotted and pursued across the whole width and breadth of the continent, with your crimes localized to the particular area where they were committed. If caught, you can either pay the fee of your bounty and have all your stolen goods taken off you, or simply head to jail and set your progress bar back to zero. Bummer.

You'll have companions in Skyrim - just like followers in Fallout - and you can instruct them with rudimentary controls, such as to wait in one spot, attack or use a particular item they're carrying. It's sure to be a glitch-addled experience, so I'm very much looking forward to all the buggy orders being uploaded online!

Check out the scans to find out much more. [IMGUR]

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