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Skyward Sword Set Before Ocarina Of Time

Felix Kemp
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Skyward Sword Set Before Ocarina Of Time

No Ganondorf, Master Sword-Forging, New Instrument

Nintendo is finally abandoning the veil of secrecy draped across Skyward Sword, revealing today that their upcoming action-adventurer predates Ocarina of Time in chronological terms, and will explain how the fabled Master Sword came to be. And Link won't be battling long-running villain Ganondorf, either, who's been ditched in favor of the effeminate Lord Ghirahim. And what classic instrument might Link be plucking in Skyward Sword?

"In most Zelda games, the Master Sword has been something that Link seeks out, finds, and uses to destroy Ganon," long-time director Eiji Aonuma told Nintendo Power. He explains that Skyward Sword will instead center on its inception and that Link "forges it along the way", suggesting it'll evolve over the course of the game.

The Master Sword isn't the only change Nintendo is making with Skyward Sword. Ganondorf, Link's nemesis, will not feature in the game. Aonuma reveals that Ganon was ditched in favor of Lord Ghirahim, a white-haired, purple-eyed wizard who'll menace and challenge Link throughout the game. Ghirahim's image is intended to create a contrast between the "masculine, powerful, evil" Ganon.

Nintendo has been pretty cagey regarding what instrument Link might be playing in Skyward Sword, preferring to focus their efforts on hyping the newfangled sword-combat. A harp has been spotted in videos, and Aonuma has confirmed its existence in the game and its connection to its counterpart in Ocarina of Time, wielded by Sheik - who, incidentally, turned out to be Zelda in disguise. You'll be using MotionPlus to pluck the strings, and the harp is vital in helping you "find something important".

All in all, Skyward Sword is shaping up to be a typically fantastic Zelda offering with some fascinating ties into past games. We'll have more for you on Skyward Sword as it develops. [Nintendo Power]

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