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Slap On Your Jetpacks, Hi-Rez Announce Tribes: Ascend

Felix Kemp
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Slap On Your Jetpacks, Hi-Rez Announce Tribes: Ascend

Back in October, Jon brought you news of Hi-Rez Studios' acquisition of classic FPS, Tribes, with an MMO titled Universe in the works. However, developing a game where a hundred hungry gamers can duke it out on a single map with persistent carnage is a lengthy undertaking, so while work on Universe continues, fans will be happy to know Hi-Rez's first Tribes title, Ascend, is due on PC and Xbox 360 at the end of the year!

"Before Halo, before Modern Warfare, and before Battlefield, there was Tribes," proclaims Todd Harris, CEO of Hi-Rez Studios. The original Tribes dates back to 1998, although the series properly took off with Tribes 2, delivering a wonderfully balanced but fun online experience. Tribes has always been a multiplayer-only experience, and Hi-Rez isn't about to change this, with Ascend a single-purchase digital download you can only play online with a few pals or random strangers.

Hi-Rez acquired the Tribes IP in October of last year, having previously developed online shooter, Global Agenda. While that particular effort was decidedly mediocre, at least the studio has some experience in building large-scale, online experiences, and with Tribes' wonderful foundation to build on they're in good shape to deliver something a lot better with Ascend.

Expect a review from us the minute - well, let's be reasonable - Tribes: Ascend hits PCs and 360s worldwide at the end of the year. We can't wait, personally, but what's your take on this? Happy to see Tribes return? Or a little wary about the change of developer? [Eurogamer]

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