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Sledgehammer's Shelved CoD Title Is "Like Dead Space"

Jonathan Lester
Activision, Call Of Duty, Dead Space, Sledgehammer Games

Sledgehammer's Shelved CoD Title Is "Like Dead Space"

We recently reported that Sledgehammer Games' prototype Call Of Duty title, now shelved to allow them to collaborate on Modern Warfare 3, was "pretty compelling"... but boss Glen Schofield has now spoken out to reveal some more details about what might have been. Apparently their third-person action adventure project "had a lot of atmosphere like Dead Space" and was set in an alternate era to the rest of the series.

We've got the full story and quotes below.

Speaking to Gamerzines at Call Of Duty XP, Schofield spilled the beans on what appears to have been a survival adventure title that focuses on the literal horrors of war.

It was a third-person action-adventure game, it was a shooter, and it was not based in this era. It had a lot of atmosphere like, I should say Dead Space a little bit because you were underground in some places. You know, war is hell, war is scary and that's what we were trying to get across. We did a tonne of research.

Schofield also insisted that the decision to can the project and concentrate on Modern Warfare 3 development was voluntarily taken by the studio, not forced upon them by Activision. Whether they'll return to their third person title is unclear, but apparently Sledgehammer would like to "make at least one more first-person shooter" first.

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craigjamieson88  Sep. 7, 2011 at 20:12

So... wait, it was non-canon and, to add to that, completely different gameplay? Milking the "CoD" prefix, did somebody say?

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