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Sleeping Dogs Will Feature 'Hard Boiled' Hospital Shootout & Unlockable Homages To Classic Hong Kong Cinema

Jonathan Lester
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Sleeping Dogs Will Feature 'Hard Boiled' Hospital Shootout & Unlockable Homages To Classic Hong Kong Cinema

Sleeping Dogs, the upcoming free-roaming undercover action game from United Front Games and Square Enix, will use classic Hong Kong martial arts movies for more than just artistic inspiration. At E3, UFG informed us that Sleeping Dogs will feature a playable homage to Hard Boiled's infamous one-take hospital shootout, and contains plenty of unlockable content that pays tribute to the classics.

Most things go in and out of style... with the exception of war, of course.

Speaking to me during an E3 interview, Sleeping Dogs Design Director Mike Skupa revealed that the campaign will contain a hospital shootout that emulates the classic scene from John Woo's Hard Boiled, which is frequently cited as the best action scene ever filmed, along with unlockable costumes (including the equally infamous White Suit), which will give Hong Kong cinema fans another reason to get involved with the infernal affairs. Sorry.

"Hard Boiled! Well, if you look back at a lot of the John Woo stuff, we have a hospital shootout. You know.

So we had to have that in there, it's just so classic! You know, I don't want to spoil too much about the game, but there's a mission where you're wearing a white suit and, erm, stuff happens, so we want to get all those cinematic moments in there. We have a lot of unlockable content that you can get like special outfits that are an ode to old HK cinema, even stuff going back to old Shaw Brothers movies. So, we really wanted any Hong Kong cinema fans to get a bunch of stuff that really resonates with them."

We couldn't be more excited. Stay tuned for more details in our upcoming Sleeping Dogs interview, and be sure to check out Tom's Sleeping Dogs first look preview.

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