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Sleeping Dogs Officially Confirmed, Trailered, Detailed & Dated

Jonathan Lester
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Sleeping Dogs Officially Confirmed, Trailered, Detailed & Dated

Square Enix Has Officially confirmed that Sleeping Dogs - the rebranded True Crime: Hong Kong - is indeed in development and will be releasing in the second half of 2012. In the wake of a leaked announcement from an indiscreet retailer, Square has fully spilled the beans: giving us story details, screenshots and a live-action trailer to feast upon. We've rounded everything up below.

Sleeping Dogs promises to be a "visceral" and "gritty" third person action game set in the relatively open world of Hong Kong. Players will assume the role of undercover cop Wei Shen in a mission to infiltrate and destroy the influential triad gangs from within - using a mix of close combat, gunplay and driving to take down the crims and clean up the streets. Hand-to-hand combat is set to be especially brutal, allowing us to use environmental hazards like circular saws, incinerators and fridges to devastating advantage.

From the moment you pick up the controller and experience the blend of driving, close combat and shooting you know you’re playing something fresh and a bit special.

Sleeping Dogs has one of the best melee combat systems out there – it’s super brutal with devastating takedown moves, and when added to United Front Games’ proven heritage in driving games, a first class story and the vibrant backdrop of the Hong Kong underworld we get a fiery recipe with fun written all over it. - Lee Singleton, Square London Studios General Manager

United Front Games pledge to deliver a "compelling open world gameplay" on top of the juicy ultraviolence - and considering that True Crime: Hong Kong was shaping up nicely last time we tried it, we reckon that they could well be on to a winner. Here are a few screenshots to whet your appetite.
Sleeping Dogs Officially Confirmed, Trailered, Detailed & Dated

Sleeping Dogs Officially Confirmed, Trailered, Detailed & Dated

Sleeping Dogs Officially Confirmed, Trailered, Detailed & Dated

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socialjeebus  Feb. 8, 2012 at 15:12

Love it, go to Hong Kong regularly and it would make an awesome open world. Hope they do it justice!

MattGardner  Feb. 8, 2012 at 17:04

Agreed, True Crime: HK was shaping up quite nicely, glad it's being finished, even if it is under a different name. Siliconera have bits of the TCHK leaked script if you have a burning curiosity, but it goes without saying that clicking here will reap spoilers.

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