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Smyths Voucher For Free £5 Bonus On £25 Gift Card!

Emma Kelly
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Smyths Voucher For Free £5 Bonus On £25 Gift Card!

Dealspwner “Hkem” has emailed me with a heads-up about a voucher deal which he has also posted on HUKD. While it hasn’t got an awful lot of heat over there, I think it is worth pointing out to the gamers who might possibly have a Smyths store nearby.

It’s a bit of a roundabout method, but is a good way to get yourself an extra £5 discount on any purchases £30 and over. If you buy a £25 gift card in-store, present the voucher and they will credit it with an extra £5 for free – meaning £30 worth of games for £25.

Now, the voucher does say “One per household,” so it’s probably not possible for you to buy 8x £25 gift cards and get the £249.99 Playstation 3 Slim for £210. Probably.

A few words from the deal-finder himself:

I posted a deal worth looking at for gamers. It didn’t get much of an airing on the main site but will be of interest to gamers with a Smyths Toy Store nearby. I’ve found Smyths to be pretty competitive price wise with some great trade-in offers. The voucher gives you an extra £5 when you put £25 on a gift card or, to you and me, a £30 game for £25. Pretty nifty I thought.

Please let me know if you get any good bargains.

Smyths Voucher For Free £5 Bonus On £25 Gift Card!

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Hkem  Sep. 24, 2009 at 17:12

Hey Emma, thanks for posting this! It's worth mentioning as well, that the £25 you put on the card could be made up of game trade-in and the giftcards can be used against anything instore - not just games. Good day to you all!


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