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Sniper Elite V2 Confirmed, Due In 2012

Felix Kemp
Games news, Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2 Confirmed, Due In 2012

Fans of 2005's Sniper Elite rejoice, as 505 Games and developers Rebellion have announced the sequel, Sniper Elite V2, is in the works and due next year! So start training your trigger-finger and work on your aim, as come next year you sniping fans will be squinting down a scope as you attempt to wrestle a wavering reticule over a Russian soldier's noggin.

The original Sniper Elite, released on the Xbox in 2005 and repackaged for a Wii release last September, slapped you in the boots of a - wait for it - elite sniper attempting to sway the tides of fate in Germany as Soviet and native forces do battle over nuclear secrets. A stealth-oriented experience, Sniper Elite was a realistic take on a shoot 'em up, with ballistics such as trajectory, wind strength and bullet drop all taken into account as you start popping skulls.

According to publishers 505 Games, "Sniper Elite has always been the benchmark of the genre and never been bettered - until now", before going on to boast "the sequel will be the most authentic WWII sniping experience ever – not just in terms of weapon ballistics, but also in delivering the heart-pulsing tension of those do or die moments where one shot really does matter".

I'm a fan of sniping - yes, I'm that guy in Call of Duty who offs you from across the map every time - and realistic sniper games, like last year's Ghost Warrior, have a lot of potential. Both the aforementioned and Sniper Elite suffered from a lack of polish and variety, but anticipation is high that the sequel - with the right budget, team and marketing - can go one step further than past efforts. [Eurogamer]

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