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Sniper: Ghost Warrior | £5.00 | Steam | PC

Jonathan Lester
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior | £5.00 | Steam | PC

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is not great. City Interactive actually managed to create a decent sniping simulator with great windage mechanics and solid gameplay… and then merrily pissed most of its potential down the drain with awful insta-fail stealth segments and some of the worst regular FPS sections in history. Even more vexingly, you won't even be able to kill one of your primary targets (with you leaping into the body of the spotter while the AI steals the kill) - and though I apologise for the spoiler, it's better you know going in rather than break your mouse in a fit of bewildered frustration. Still, when it works, it works fairly well; with Steam providing the cheapest price around for the PC version. I’d heartily suggest reading our full review and going into this deal with your eyes open.

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