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Soapbox: Psyched For 3D Gaming?

Matt Gardner
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Soapbox: Psyched For 3D Gaming?

There are several things being heralded as the 'future of video gaming' and 3D happens to be one of them, with Sony in particular making big noises about post-E3. Earlier in the month Jon reported that a Japanese poll of over 8000 people revealed that over 70% of consumers couldn't care less about 3D in their front room. That remaining 30% is still big enough to make a serious install base possible, but considering the sheer expense it's difficult not to appraise the whole thing with some serious scepticism. Frankly, considering Sony's biggest priority is getting 3DTVs into homes it's hard not to take all of this with a pinch of salt. Now Ubisoft have waded into the middle of everything, predicting a 3D being a staple in every home within three years.

But we want to know what you think. Does the notion of 3D gaming set your heart racing? Do you mind the glasses? Or is this just another overpriced gimmick?

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