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Sochan: "People Want New Games All Year Round"

Matt Gardner
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Sochan: "People Want New Games All Year Round"

Sleeping Dogs producer Dan Sochan told Dealspwn at a recent event for the game that he's glad the game is coming out in August rather than in the traditional October/November crunch zone, stating that "it doesn't make sense" for some games to release late in the year, and arguing that just because the weather might be warmer, that doesn't mean gamers won't want new games.

"I think people want to get new games all year," Sochan told us. "They don't just want to always have to wait until Christmas time to see thirty titles come out and have nothing for the rest of the year.

"From a personal perspective, it's one of the little things you have to face as a developer. You can do everything that you want to do working on a game, and work as hard as you can to make the best possible product, but there are certain things that are outside of your control...like recessions. (Laughs) But you might find your game coming out at the same time as a massive blockbuster game that's going to get all of the hype, the excitement, and that can really take away any buzz that you might have on your game, and it'll certainly impact on sales. So I think August is a great time to release."

Sochan noted that the additional space and the relative lack of competition on release is of great benefit to new IPs like sleeping Dogs that might otherwise get lost against a backdrop of blockbuster franchise release and big-budget sequels.

"As a new IP it's a lot more challenging to get people excited about the game," he said. "We've managed to generate some great hype off of the back of E3, and I think if we were releasing the same week as Halo or Assassin's Creed or other titles like that, it'd really easy to get a little bit lost. Now, however, I think people are excited about new IPs. Gamers don't want the same titles recycled over and over again, and I think it's worked out really well for us."

Square Enix pulled the same trick with Deus Ex: Human Revolution last year, which benefited from being both brilliant and the only new game around at the time.

Sleeping Dogs release on PS3 and Xbox 360 next week, and we'll have a review for you after the weekend. Look out for our full interview with Dan later today.

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