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Social Club Features In L.A. Noire

Tom Silkstone
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L.A. Noire

Social Club Features In L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire's only a couple of weeks away now, and I for one am crossing off the days on my calendar, because I can't see it being anything other than awesome, although having said that there's a tiny voice in the back of my head telling me I might be hyping it up a bit too much and I'll end up being disappointed in the end! In the run up to its release, Rockstar have announced a load of details about how the Social Club will function in the game and on the web.

Once you've sorted out all your Social Club information and finally climbed up the ranks to detective, you'll get an exclusive outfit that'll improve your accuracy with shotguns and machine guns.

When questioning suspects and witnesses, you'll get the chance to use the 'Ask The Community' feature if you're online, which allows you to spend Intuition Points that you've earned in order to see how other players dealt with the same situation.

One of the best things about Red Dead Redemption was the 100% checklist that gave you a detailed breakdown of your progress. Thankfully, it'll make a welcome return in LA Noire, and'll be an especially useful tool to keep track of all your cases, as well as the petty crimes that you've stopped on your travels. You'll probably also use the checklist in conjunction with your Detective's notebook, which you can access at any time whilst you're online, and lets you look at things like clues and notes you've taken from interrogations.

There game'll also compile a load of statistics on your actions and then compare them with official police data, so you can see how you're measuring up to the real boys in blue.

And finally, you'll get the chance to unlock 40 Achievements & Trophies, nine of which'll be secret.

Well, that all sounds pretty good to me, and if you want to find out more all you need to do is head on over to Rockstar Games! Now we all just need to wait until LA Noire hits shop shelves on 20th May.

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OSAMA BIN  May. 5, 2011 at 17:38

"One of the best things about Red Dead Redemption was the 100% checklist that gave you a detailed breakdown of your progress"



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