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Social Gaming Set For "Hard Crash", According To Denis Dyack

Felix Kemp
Denis Dyack, Games news, Silicon Knights, Zynga

Social Gaming Set For "Hard Crash", According To Denis Dyack

While he's not quite in the best position to discuss superlative failures, Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack believes social gaming titles - such as FarmVille - are eventually going to hit the wall. While he admits the industry is currently gaga for the low-cost, high-profit sector, when this particular bubble bursts, it'll be the "biggest explosion" we've witnessed in a while.

According to Dyack, social gaming is more like "marketing" than actual gaming. He's also skeptical of the financial benefits included. As it stands, almost all the big publishers have established studios with the sole purpose of pumping out small titles for likes of Facebook or Apple's App Store, all at a very low cost with a healthy profit in mind. Dyack, however, doubts this particular practice has a real "economy".

He even goes so far as to say Zynga, the creators of massively popular rural simulator FarmVille, is overvalued. Last we checked, Zynga was valued at a whopping 5.51 billion dollars, with some even estimating a margin double that. While Dyack might be half-right, you can't argue with stats like that. Dyack would argue, however, that such capital invested in social gaming isn't "healthy in the long term".

It's a difficult topic to accurately judge. While I'm obviously biased - I'll be a core gamer until arthritis claims my fingers, once and for all - I'm smart enough to recognize social gaming is on the march. I'm also a big fan of the odd game off the App Store on my iPhone; why not? But with so many publishers seemingly veering away from the big blockbusters I so enjoy, I share Dyack's obvious resentment towards the market. [Industry Gamers]

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Jose  May. 11, 2011 at 22:44

Ahhhh, this coming from the man who extols the inevitability of the single-console future.

...and yet, is relegated to making a comic-licensed game.

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