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Get Social With The Latest WildStar Wednesday Update

Carl Phillips
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Get Social With The Latest WildStar Wednesday Update

Goes Beyond Just Player Housing

Further building upon last week’s confirmation that player housing would be a part of their upcoming MMORPG WildStar, Carbine Studios released their latest WildStar Wednesday update to focus on the social side of the game. Giving centre stage to Social Systems Designer Victoria Dollbaum, the blog post explores her role at Carbine, explains the goals they intend to reach with building communities, and the plan to recapture the “old school” mentality without punishing players.

The blog post explains how Dollbaum’s experiences with Linkshells in Final Fantasy XI, as well as being a Guild Master, helped inspire the systems in place for WildStar, with the hope to inject emotional attachment for players by providing the tools to build a community in the game world of Nexus.

“My goal is to create systems that will bring back these feelings in players; to bring them into the world as inhabitants in a real way. The goal is to build a community that we'll be proud to have created and be a part of--to build a community that players will want to BE a part of, and interact with, on a daily basis.”

While these systems will be optional, Dollbaum hopes that the freedom that the game offers will encourage players to become social over time. The blog post also briefly mentions how pure crafters can gather resources outside their own home and build items, how guilds will be able to display trophies acquired from raids, and how players will be able to host their own events, be it as part of a seasonal holiday or otherwise. You can read the blog post in full here.

The recent news of the social features has raised our (already high) expectations for WildStar here at Dealspwn, after we were initially impressed by its reveal last year. You can check out all of our covered for Carbine Studios’ upcoming MMORPG by clicking on the link here.

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