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SOCOM Developer Praises 3D

Tom Silkstone
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SOCOM Developer Praises 3D

With 3D seemingly saturating every aspect of our lives at the moment from the endless Hollywood movies that are cashing in on its popularity, to sporting events like The Masters, it was only a matter of time before somebody started talking about its use in the video games world.

That person is Travis Steiner, SOCOM 4's lead designer, who had this to say about it when recently speaking to CVG:

Yeah certainly . . . It's been great [to use 3D] in SOCOM and it's definitely something that we're going to see more of in games in the future.

Of course we've seen some of the old school 3D (blue and red lens glasses) in games like Arkham Asylum and Toy Story Mania, but it's nowhere near as good as the technology that's currently doing its rounds, which could be used to pull gamers deeper into virtual worlds, a plan that Travis Steiner is all too familiar with:

Our goal is to make the game feel as realistic as possible and I think 3D is a big step in getting players immersed in the combat.

The 3D implementation in SOCOM really brings the locations to life. You really see great depth in the environment and when the combat starts. There's things you notice a lot more.

Particularly incoming enemy fire, rockets, grenades, machine gun fire, you know it makes you tense up and feel like you're really in danger.

This isn't the first time that 3D's been floating around, it pops its head up every now and again before disappearing off the radar, and in my opinion the vote's still out on whether or not it'll establish itself as a permanent feature of our living rooms this time round. [PlayStation LifeStyle]

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