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SOE: 12,700 Credit Cards & 10,700 Direct Debit Details Compromised...

Jonathan Lester
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... From An Old Database

SOE: 12,700 Credit Cards & 10,700 Direct Debit Details Compromised...

Bleh. It's gotten to the stage where even the most diehard fanboys and us nitpicking journalistic vultures are bored of talking about PSN, but for completeness' sake, it's worth taking a look at a new press release that hit our inbox earlier today. After shutting down their servers yesterday (despite keeping them online during the first few days of the PSN debacle), Sony Online Entertainment have confirmed that over 12,000 credit card details have been compromised as well as a fair amount of direct debit billing information - but that it was taken from an outdated database. Us Brits may also have nothing to worry about, and we have the full details below.

In the press release, Sony Online Entertainment confirmed that personal information from 24.6 million SOE accounts may have been stolen along with 12,700 credit card details. However, the info was nicked from an outdated 2007 database - and we reckon that most of the cards in question will have expired by now. It also appears that Austria, Germany, Spain and The Netherlands were worst affected, meaning that us Brits can breathe a little easier.

Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that their ongoing investigation of illegal intrusions into Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE, the company) systems revealed yesterday morning (May 2, Tokyo time) that hackers may have stolen SOE customer information on April 16th and 17th, 2011 (PDT). SOE is based in San Diego, California, U.S.A.

This information, which was discovered by engineers and security consultants reviewing SOE systems, showed that personal information from approximately 24.6 million SOE accounts may have been stolen, as well as certain information from an outdated database from 2007. The information from the outdated database that may have been stolen includes approximately 12,700 non-U.S. credit or debit card numbers and expiration dates (but not credit card security codes), and about 10,700 direct debit records of certain customers in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Spain.

PSN and Sony Online Entertainment are set to reboot their servers very soon along with free Playstation Plus subscriptions for all customers. SOE will also be extending everyone's subscription by 30 days (plus every day that the system has been down) as part of a "make good plan"  and we'll let you know when it happens.

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Aelynn  May. 3, 2011 at 15:43

Is no one even remotely baffled by the fact that they hold on to customers' card details for so long...?

ODB  May. 3, 2011 at 16:10

So is that all we are getting from Sony? A 30 day trial to something that I have no interest whatsoever in? Plus the games you will get for 'free' go after 30 days


Hope Sony get taken to the cleaners when all the cases hit

Jonathan Lester  May. 3, 2011 at 16:24

Apparently there may also be some "Selected PlayStation entertainment content for free download" as part of the "customer appreciation program"... which is currently TBA.

The free month of Playstation Plus may appear to be a marketing/advertising ploy rather than an apology (since, as you've mentioned, the content locks after the month is up) - but Sony's comprehensive Terms and Conditions mean that they *could* have gotten away with offering nothing at all. My advice would be to take what you can get. ;)

@Aelynn: I think most of us are trying to think about it as little as possible so we don't all go insane with paranoia. :S

Jerec  May. 3, 2011 at 18:22

Jesus you'd think they just killed your Dog!

Their FREE service is down and they may have lost your personal details, big deal, nothing can be done with them if you are savy enough to be mindful of phishing scams, and any CC details they have would be out of date anyway.

All companies hold PD, I bet you have cookies and files on your PC this very second sending data to them they can be of more use then what the hackers got from SOE.

Stop whining like a girl and be grateful for some free shit.

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